We here at the Athens Church LOVE our young people and realize that they are vitally important in the eyes of the Lord and to a strong and healthy church. It is our desire to encourage them in their walk with Christ.

The Church of the Nazarene believes that young people are an integral part of the Church. And Nazarene Youth International exists to lead young people into a lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ and to facilitate their growth as disciples for Christian service.

IV. Our Values

  • We value Young People . . . significant in the kingdom of God.
  • We value the Bible … God’s unchanging truth for our lives.
  • We value Prayer . . . vital interactive communication with our heavenly father.
  • We value the Church . . . a global holiness community of faith, diverse in culture but one in Christ.
  • We value Worship . . . life-changing encounters with an intimate God.
  • We value Discipleship . . . a lifestyle of becoming like Christ.
  • We value Community . . . building relationships that help bind us together and to God.
  • We value Ministry . . . extending God’s grace to our world.
  • We value Witness . . . sharing God’s love in word and deed.
  • We value Holiness . . . a work of grace whereby God, through the working of His Holy Spirit, enables us to live a life representing Christ in who we are and in everything we do.

    —Nazarene Manual 2005-2009