We here at Athens Church of the Nazarene believe in Missions.


We believe that Jesus gave his disciples a command to take the gospel to the entire world. 

While many of us may not be able to go as long term missionaries on a foreign field we can join hands and hearts with those who do. We can and do support missions in giving of our means and in prayer. There are also short term missionary trips that believers in local churches can join in on, and actually go to the mission field to help complete needed projects and share the gospel of Christ.  There are different ways to give such as World Mission Broadcast, Alabaster Offering and many others including supporting missionaries on deputation and when they return to the field.

The Nazarene Church has missionaries all over the world and as the local churches join together they can make a difference in helping to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Check out what is happening in Missions in The Church of the Nazarene at the link below: